Fundraising – Give Me A Chance Campaign


We are teaming up with the great people at to bring you new and exciting ways you can help get involved fundraising.

Signing up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Currently we are offering 5 different ways you can get your creative juices flowing to help support us:

1. Donate to or for someone instead of giving gifts (or worse re-gifting) this holiday season.

2. Instead of getting stuff for your birthday, ask your friends and family to donate instead.

3. If you like sports, use your next event to raise awareness about a cause you care about.

4. Celebrate the memory of a friend or loved one by donating in their name for a cause they cared about.

5. Get creative in your own way. Juggle, sing a song, make a movie, wash cars for a day. Give us a chance!

fundraising for ds action

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